Senior British Pass

BritRail Senior PassTravel in comfort with a senior British Pass

The senior British Pass (also known as the BritRail senior discount) is your ticket to explore the United Kingdom by train in the most relaxing and comfortable settings. For those 60 years or older, save 15% off the First Class adult fare on the BritRail FlexiPass, the BritRail Consecutive pass, the BritRail England FlexiPass and the BritRail England Consecutive Pass.

To travel anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales:
Buy a BritRail Pass

To travel throughout England:
Buy a BritRail England Pass

Travelers will especially love first class seating, as it features larger seats, picture windows, more space for both passengers and luggage and is usually less crowded. On many routes First Class also offers extras, including free tea and coffee and some routes even offer free snacks and newspapers. Plus certain long haul routes have table or buffet services so you can enjoy a meal at your seat en route.

View our selection of BritRail Passes and BritRail England Passes. Follow the link to book your trip. Select your First Class BritRail Pass and enter your age when prompted. The senior discount will automatically apply to your purchase.  With BritRail’s senior discount in First Class you’re sure to enjoy your trip to the beautiful land of Great Britain.