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1.866.938.7245 info@acprail.com

International Student Identity Card Discounts

Get $10 off Eurail Global Passes with your ISIC card.

This is in addition to the youth discount of up to 35% for travelers aged 12 to 27. To use the ISIC discount, follow these instructions:

  1. Verify your ISIC serial number and get your discount code here: https://benefits.isic.org/en/acprail. The code will be sent to you immediately by email.
  2. Book your Eurail Global Pass here: https://www.acprail.com/rail-passes/eurail/eurail-global-pass. Choose your options and book your ticket. At checkout fill in the discount code that you received from ISIC in step 1.
  3. Have a great trip!

Get the full flavor of Europe with train travel in 28 countries with the Eurail Global Pass:

International Student Identity Card