General FAQs



What is the difference between a Consecutive Pass and a Flexipass?

A FlexiPass is best for travel on the days of your choice within the period of validity. A consecutive pass is best for travel on days that follow one another. A good rule of thumb when selecting which pass is best for your travel plans is:

A Consecutive Pass is ideal for those travelers whose time is restricted and will be ‘on the move’.

A Flexi Pass is ideal for those travelers who wish to linger several days or more in one location.

BritRail Saver Pass FAQs

Which BritRail Passes offer a Saver Pass discount?

The BritRail Pass, BritRail England and BritRail SouthWest Passes offer a Saver Pass discount.

What time of year is the Saver Pass discount offered?

The BritRail Saver Pass discount is available to buy any time of the year.
Who is the Saver Pass discount for?

The Saver Pass discount is for a minimum of three and a maximum of nine adults travelling together. (Senior, Youth and Child rate passes not included.)

Do I get a free child place?

There are no free child places available per-adult on the Saver Pass.
Children travelling with adults who hold a Saver Pass must pay the normal BritRail child price.
Can I travel separately to my friends?
No, all passengers must travel together at all times.

What is the Rail Safeguard Plan?

The Safeguard Plan protects Pass or ticket holders in the event of trip cancellation or trip interruption. Please refer to the Rail Pass Safeguard Plan for a complete list of conditions and exclusions.

How do I validate my Paper Rail Pass?

To validate a rail pass, present it along with your passport to the Railway official at the station of departure. At this time, the first and the last day of validity of the pass as well as the passport number is entered and the passenger must sign the pass. Under no circumstances is the pass holder allowed to validate his or her own pass. In the case of a Flexi Pass, the passenger must enter the date of travel each day before he/she boards the first train of the day.

Is it necessary to buy a rail pass before departing on my trip?

Yes, the majority of Passes offered by ACP Rail are only for sale to foreign passport holders and therefore are not readily available once you arrive.
For example:
BritRail Passes must be bought before you arrive in the UK and are only available to those who do not reside in the United Kingdom, unless sharing a BritRail Guest Pass.
A limited selection of Eurail Passes are for sale in Europe and prices are often 20% higher than online, so we strongly recommend you buy your Eurail Pass before arriving in Europe.

How is a travel day calculated?

A travel day is a 24hr period from midnight to midnight, during which time you can travel on as many trains as you wish.

Can I bring my pet on the train?

Often smaller pets are allowed on board as long as they don’t take a passenger seat, however the rules differ per country and per train. In some cases there may be a cost involved and other trains may not allow pets to board.

Can I bring a bicycle on the train?

Each country and railway company has specific guidelines for the transportation of bicycles on board trains. At times bicycles may be carried free of charge, at other times a supplement must be paid and sometimes the train may not have the required space for bicycle transportation.

Where can I find train timetables?

To find train times that are best suited to your journey, begin the booking process for a point-to-point ticket by selecting the appropriate departing station, along with the date and preferred time. The results will be customized to your request.

What can be expected in terms of the luggage facilities on board the trains?

On board, train carriages have overhead luggage racks, space between the seats and a storage area in the entrance vestibules for larger items. All principle stations have luggage trolleys and affordable, secure luggage facilities. Usually there are no weight limitations on baggage, except on high-speed trains, such as Eurostar, Thalys and TGV where each passenger may take along 2 large pieces of luggage and one piece of hand luggage.

Is rail travel accommodating to disabled passengers?

All railway companies have facilities for passengers needing assistance. Examples are special compartments for wheelchair users, lifts or mobile ramps to access the train, assistance boarding by trained staff or toilets suitable for disabled travelers. A passenger needing assistance is requested to contact the relevant train station or train operating company at least one day before their journey.

What are the benefits of First-Class seating?

First Class has larger seats, picture windows, more space both for you and your baggage and is usually less crowded. On many routes First Class offers extras, including free tea and coffee. Some routes even offer free snacks and newspapers. Certain long-haul routes have table or buffet services.
You can count on all principal routes having First Class accommodations but please note that some rural routes offer Standard Class accommodations only. First Class Pass prices do reflect the fact that not all trains have First Class.

Can I change my pass?

Pass change requests are handled individually, taking into account the specific sales conditions associated with each product. As a result, the applicable fees for changes may vary accordingly.

Date Format on paper passes

Our Paper passes are formatted as such day/month/year.