Eurail Student Pass

Travel with a Eurail Student Pass

A Eurail Student Pass (also known as the Eurail Pass Youth) is perfect for a student looking for great discounts to travel Europe far and wide. Students aged 12 to 25 can benefit from a youth discount when they purchase any Eurail Pass.

Select a country where you will use your Eurail Pass.

Generally, the Eurail Pass that’s ideal for students is valid in second class and offers a 35% discount on the adult fare.  This discount can be applied to a wide range of Eurail Passes including the Eurail Global PassEurail Regional Passes and Eurail National Passes.

If you’re looking to do the classic Eurotrip, where you’re free to roam, backpack in tow, staying in youth hostels along the way – then the Eurail Pass is for you. You could have your picture taken next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris one day, then walk the streets of Amsterdam the next. Having drinks with new found friends in Frankfurt and partying in Prague is no longer a wild fantasy with a Eurail Pass. All in all, a Eurail Student Pass will grant you access to train travel in up to 31 participating countries!

Once you have chosen a Eurail Pass, follow the link to book your trip. Enter your age before checking for prices and availability. The results page will include prices for Eurail Youth Passes. View our selection of Eurail Global PassesEurail Regional and National Passes.