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Book your rail ticket allowing you to travel from the capital city Helsinki, all the way up to Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle, and see a thousand beautiful lakes along the way.

Traveling Finland by train is a fantastic way to explore the country’s stunning scenery and unique culture. The Finnish rail system is known for its punctuality, reliability, and comfort, making train travel a stress-free and enjoyable experience. With routes connecting major cities and towns, travelers can easily access popular destinations like Helsinki, Turku, and Rovaniemi. Plus, the train’s large windows provide a perfect view of the picturesque Finnish countryside. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with friends and family, traveling Finland by train is an excellent way to discover the country’s charm and beauty.

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Suggested Itineraries

Trip 1From Helsinki to Turku

Estimated travel time: 2h15m

Trip 2From Turku to Vaasa

Estimated travel time: 4h00m

Trip 3From Vaasa to Oulu

Estimated travel time: 4h30m

Trip 4From Oulu to Kemi

Estimated travel time: 1h

Trip 5From Kemi to Rovaniemi

Estimated travel time: 1h13m

Finland train map