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BritRail Seat Reservations

Whilst the great joy of traveling with a BritRail Pass is to turn up and go, and seat reservations are optional, they are recommended in certain instances if you want to be guaranteed a seat on a specific train and time, for example:

  • travelling at peak times (for example out of London during rush hour)
  • travelling around a major Bank Holiday
  • travelling with companions where you must sit together
  • to catch a flight or other important connection

In these cases a BritRail Seat Reservation is a good option. BritRail Pass holders can make a seat reservation for the route of their choice on nearly all inter-city train routes throughout Britain, per person, per train for a nominal fee.


A seat reservation is only valid for use on a specific train, traveling on a specific date and time indicated on the seat reservation. Available in Adult: First or Standard class but must be the same class type as the BritRail Pass. If traveling with a BritRail Pass in Standard class, please note that you are not eligible to travel with a seat reservation in First class.


BritRail Seat Reservations are ONLY for BritRail Pass holders. A valid BritRail Pass is also required to travel. Available to everyone, except UK residents.

Pre-booking time

1 year


Simply print out the itinerary and bring it on board to show train staff the NRS Booking Reference # along with your BritRail Pass.

Conditions of use

BritRail Seat Reservations are non-refundable.