Hogmanay in Scotland

Celebrating the New Year with Scottish dances, burning fireballs, chilling rivers and more

Scotland is world renowned for its end of year celebrations called Hogmanay, where you can enjoy the transition to the New Year with thousands of merrymakers who make the trip annually. It’s where… more>

Nov 26th
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5 Spooky ghost tours in Britain : just in time for Halloween

Victims of a tragic fate, souls that cannot rest in peace, spirits roaming around in towns and castles… learn the stories of Britain’s notorious ghosts. This Halloween season, we look at 5 walks and tours that will have you shaking in your boots, so grab your more>

Oct 29th
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Edinburgh to London: The East Coast Main Line

By Ruth J. Katz (Style and Travel Editor /  Promenade magazine / New York City)

I love train travel, but unfortunately, we do not have a very practical and efficient network in the United States for train travel, at least not the way the Europeans do… more>

Oct 22nd
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Introducing Heathrow Express E-tickets

ACP Rail now offers E-tickets for Heathrow Express, which provides train services between Heathrow Airport and Central London. Heathrow Express is the easiest and fastest way to reach Central London out of Heathrow Airport as the train ride lasts just 15… more>

Sep 26th
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Save up to 20% on popular BritRail passes

New! Low Season discount now offered on BritRail South West Passes

On September 1st, BritRail’s most popular rail passes will be available at a 20% discount when purchased for travel in November, December, January and February. The Low Season discount not only applies to the classic… more>

Aug 30th
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A First Class experience

By Cherie Thiessen

We’re rolling along in our First Class coach from Penzance to Leamington Spa in the Cotswolds, and the four of us can’t stop smiling.  Hurray – we made the absolutely perfect decision on how to get around England.  You’d think we’d be immersed… more>

Jul 2nd
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Travel Back in Time to Medieval England: Norwich

By Marilyn Jones

Train travel has made a day away from London an easy proposition for travelers based in the capital city. One city you might like to consider is Norwich, the most complete medieval city in England with the largest intact medieval street pattern in… more>

May 22nd
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I met my love on a train

By Reb Stevenson

I met my love on a train.

Bear with me – I’m not about to rehash the plot of Before Sunrise, the film that inspired many a mid-nineties traveller to ride the rails in search of their own euro-fling.

You see, this love… more>

May 9th
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Where to go with the BritRail South West Pass

A focus on Britain’s Southwest

The BritRail South West Pass is a great way to get around the UK’s southwest region by train. As BritRail is launching its new rail pass, we want to highlight some of the places and activities… more>

Mar 1st
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Pullman Dining

A unique dining experience on the train

One of the joys of traveling by rail is being able to order delightful meals while admiring the changing landscapes and passing scenery. The train operator First Great Western found a way to make this part of… more>

Feb 26th
Posted by Ruben in United Kingdom
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