Day 14 – How much can you pack into one day in London?

May 27, as I was commenting to a UK resident that there is just so much to do in London, he shared this great quote with me; ‘When you are tired of London then you are tired of life’ (Samuel Johnson).  So no matter if you have a day or a week in London, you’ll find the list of attractions, shows, districts, activities, monuments, museums, galleries, restaurants, shopping etc… is infinitely exciting.

With our last day of this adventure upon us, we ventured out to try and conquer London in a day.  An impossible feat but we covered quite a bit of ground nonetheless!  Here’s what we did:

  • Buckingham Palace for changing of the guard.  It is held daily at 11:30 from May to July, and on alternate dates throughout the rest of the year. A popular attraction for visitors, arrive a bit in advance to get a good spot near the gates.
  • Tower Bridge, the iconic bridge, which I actually thought was called London Bridge.  The Tower of London is also located near the entrance to the bridge on the north end of the River Thames.
  • Tate Modern, a fantastic 5-floor gallery of contemporary art, featuring themes for all tastes and famous paintings by Picasso, Dali and more.  ‘Enjoy Great Art for Free’.
  • Big Ben & Houses of Parliament, walking around this building is an impressive example of grandeur and gothic architecture.  Westminster Abbey is also across the street.
  • London Eye, a half-hour ride on one of the world’s largest observation wheels providing 360 degree views of London.  We rode it at sunset, which is highly recommended!

And for our last supper, well, you may be able to guess where we ate…did I mention Jamie’s Italian had 17 locations in Britain?!

Last thoughts…

We set out to experience traveling throughout Britain by rail and can honestly attest to the fact that there is no better way to do it than with a BritRail Pass.

14 days, 12 destinations and approximately 3,000 km later, trains were frequent, punctual, clean, safe and comfortable. Oh and the views, spectacular!

We also found it convenient that train stations are located in the city center so it was easy to hop off and enjoy a town, even if just for a quick stop over.

A note on the food in Britain, the old idea that it’s all about meat and potatoes is so far from the truth, in fact EVERY meal was delicious, from Indian fare, seafood, Italian, French, Mexican, fish n chips – every place we visited had a great selection of quality restaurants.

After a few days we wished we had worn pedometers, because we must have walked a million steps!

We saw a beautiful mix of cities, landscapes and culture and loved every minute of our UK adventure.

And a node to our theme song ‘on the road again’ which quickly became ‘on the rails again’.  Happy travels!!!

By: Angela Guezen

Photos by: Jen Crane

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