Great Savings with the German Rail Pass Promotion

Save up to 20% on a German Rail Pass and Discover Southern Germany with special bonus offers.

With the German Rail Pass Promotion, purchased between October 1st and December 7th, 2013, you’re entitled to free city cards, discounts and free admission… more>

Sep 30th
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IndieGermany – Discovering northern Germany with a German Rail Pass

Indie Travel’s Craig and Linda Martin explored Germany with a German Rail Pass from In this second part, they travel in northern Germany to cities such as Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig. They also include their travel tips to help you… more>

Sep 18th
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Discover Switzerland

with these 4 popular sightseeing journeys

Switzerland and its succession of shining alpine peaks, rolling hills and sparkling lakes are part of an admirable country to discover. There’s no better way to experience the unspoiled landscapes. Travel to Switzerland with a Swiss Pass and get a… more>

Sep 6th
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IndieGermany – One month with a German Rail Pass

Indie Travel’s Craig and Linda Martin explored Germany with a German Rail Pass from In this first part, Craig talks about their experience in Munich, Nuremberg, Cologne and Bonn.

By Craig Martin

With the recent opening of intercity bus routes… more>

Sep 4th
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Save up to 20% on popular BritRail passes

New! Low Season discount now offered on BritRail South West Passes

On September 1st, BritRail’s most popular rail passes will be available at a 20% discount when purchased for travel in November, December, January and February. The Low Season discount not only applies… more>

Aug 30th
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Shoe shopping in Somerset

Designer brands and discounted prices in over 90 stores!

If you hear about the town of Street in Somerset, then it is safe to assume that mention of Clarks Village Outlet Shopping will follow not far behind. The Clarks claim to fame is… more>

Jul 31st
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A rail journey through Yorkshire

By Patrice Raplee

Yorkshire, a historic county of Northern England, is the largest in the United Kingdom. The county’s lush and unspoiled countryside, lovely villages, grand coastlines and spellbinding, rugged north moors are a unique destination. Yorkshire offers travelers… more>

Jul 18th
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Scenic rail journeys in Britain

Rolling hills and rugged mountains, the deep blue sea next to the sandy beaches, quaint villages and uncorrupted lands, all of this you can see from the comfort of your seat on Great Britain’s scenic trains. Get a BritRail Pass to… more>

Jul 3rd
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Granada’s Mystical Alhambra

Departing from Seville, Renfe’s Medium Distance train transported us to Granada in about 3 hours. We enjoyed gorgeous landscape views along the way, where I was glued to the window most of the time. Stepping off the train, you start to see glimpses of the picture-perfect setting,… more>

Southern Seville’s Alkazar

We took Renfe’s speedy AVE train from Valencia Joaquin Sorolla station to Seville Santa Justa station, which took approximately 4 hours. It’s fun to keep an eye on the digital display showing the train’s speed as you feel it smoothly race full speed ahead, as we actually… more>

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