Sand, Surf and Steam Trains in Newquay, Cornwall

By Helen Earley

About 5 hours by rail from London, the harbour town of Newquay (pronounced New-Key), is a British budget holiday paradise. During the months of July and August, Newquay’s population explodes with tourists from all over England who flock to the stunning beaches along… more>

Oct 19th
Posted by Angela in United Kingdom

A rail journey through Yorkshire

By Patrice Raplee

Yorkshire, a historic county of Northern England, is the largest in the United Kingdom. The county’s lush and unspoiled countryside, lovely villages, grand coastlines and spellbinding, rugged north moors are a unique destination. Yorkshire offers travelers the opportunity to visit… more>

Jul 18th
Posted by Ruben in Contributors,United Kingdom

Travel Back in Time to Medieval England: Norwich

By Marilyn Jones

Train travel has made a day away from London an easy proposition for travelers based in the capital city. One city you might like to consider is Norwich, the most complete medieval city in England with the largest intact medieval street pattern in… more>

May 22nd
Posted by Ruben in Contributors,United Kingdom

Bath: Enamored of this UNESCO World Heritage City

By Patti Nickell

It’s comforting to know that there are some places in the world where you can return after a five, ten or even twenty year absence and find that very little has changed. I first visited Bath in my early 20s, a… more>

Jan 4th
Posted by Ruben in Contributors,United Kingdom

Sojourns in Cornwall and Devon

By: Ruth J. Katz

I have periodically waxed poetic about British Rail, one of the most civilized ways to travel in the United Kingdom, or for that matter—I’ll go out on a limb here—the world.  We are not big train travelers in America, but… more>

Jan 3rd
Posted by Ruben in Contributors,United Kingdom

In Wales: A Steam Railway for the 21st Century

By Carl H. Larsen

Progress has taken a few steps back to yesteryear in Porthmadog, the Welsh town that has become one of the world’s top steam-railway centers. Each year about 300,000 steam-locomotive enthusiasts and day-trippers from around the globe make their way to this town of… more>

Mar 12th
Posted by Angela in Contributors,United Kingdom

Taking the Sleeper Train from London to Penzance

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

“You must go to St. Ives!” our British friend in Yorkshire told us. My husband Carl and I, longtime Anglophiles, have toured most of the United Kingdom — mostly by train, which we love. Recently, after revisiting North Wales and Liverpool and with… more>

Feb 7th
Posted by Angela in Contributors,United Kingdom

We’re giving away a pair of rail passes!

Enter our train travel photo contest

Last we checked the photo that’s currently leading with the most likes, had 248 likes, so if you have a train travel picture and just as many loving friends then post your picture on ACP Rail’s Facebook page for… more>

Mar 3rd
Posted by Angela in Europe,United Kingdom

Short UK Trips Worthy of a Rail Pass

If you plan on stopping in the UK for a quick visit, you may be surprised to know that BritRail offers rail passes with short validities, including just 2 or 3 days.

Take two of BritRail’s regional passes for example: the London Plus Pass and the Central Scotland… more>

Feb 4th
Posted by Angela in Europe,United Kingdom

ACP Rail’s Train Travel Photo Contest

Share a train travel picture, for a chance to win a pair of rail passes!

Step 1: Visit ACP Rail’s Facebook page Step 2: Upload your photo Step 3: ‘Like’ your favourite photo Step 4: Ask your friends to ‘Like’ your photo to increase your chance… more>

Feb 4th
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