Ottsworld – Northern Europe from the window seat

Sherry Ott used a Eurail Global Pass from and traveled across northern Europe. Here’s the second part of her trip that took her to destinations in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

You can find the first part of her trip right… more>

Jun 20th
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Ottsworld – A journey through Northern Europe

By Sherry Ott

When you look out a plane window you get such an unusual perspective of the world.  It’s small, organized, tidy, and very far away. It hardly feels real. When I’m flying into a new country, I often feel like there is a big… more>

Jun 13th
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A Long Weekend in Scotland

A Long Weekend in Scotland

Ian’s Travel Experience

A London-based ACP Rail travel expert, Ian C. enjoys a long weekend in Scotland and shares his journey with us.  Get a first-hand feel for the joys of train travel with a BritRail Pass.

May 6th
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