Taking the Sleeper Train from London to Penzance

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

“You must go to St. Ives!” our British friend in Yorkshire told us. My husband Carl and I, longtime Anglophiles, have toured most of the United Kingdom — mostly by train, which we love. Recently, after revisiting North Wales and Liverpool and with… more>

Feb 7th
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Top 20 Towns to Visit in Britain

Although it’s no big surprise that London is listed as #1, it’s clear that there are a number of other exciting cities that also attract visitors throughout Britain.  For example, at #2 the beautiful city of Edinburgh is an enchanting place to explore, where Edinburgh Castle sits atop… more>

Oct 31st
Posted by Angela in United Kingdom

Heritage Railways Throughout the UK

By Carl H. Larsen I didn’t know my BritRail Pass allowed me to walk back in time, so it was a surprise to learn that pass holders can receive substantial discounts on a wide number of “heritage railways” throughout… more>

Oct 4th
Posted by Angela in Contributors,United Kingdom

Save up to 20% off BritRail Passes

Great value on autumn and winter travel

Now’s the time to appreciate low season travel to Britain, where you can avoid the summer crowds and enjoy great savings!  Explore England, Scotland and Wales this November, December, January or February and save up to 20% off BritRail’s most popular… more>

Sep 1st
Posted by Angela in United Kingdom

Scottish Train Surprise

by Sharon Whitley Larsen

My husband Carl and I travel often to the U.K.–and we’re always thrilled to have our 4- or 8-day BritRail Flexi-Passes in hand!  Train journeys across England, Scotland, and Wales are some of our most memorable experiences–whether it’s a sleeper excursion, day-long trip, or simply… more>

Jul 29th
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Spotlight on Ireland

Explore its rugged coastal & lush green landscapes

Ireland draws visitors from around the world thanks to a number of reasons…all of which are uniquely Irish!  Whether it’s to hike along Ireland’s rocky cliffs, converse in a cozy pub while enjoying a pint of Guinness, walk the… more>

Jul 7th
Posted by Angela in Europe,United Kingdom

FAQ – Can I travel on Airport Express trains with a BritRail Pass?

Yes, you can travel on Airport Express trains with a BritRail Pass.  As a BritRail Pass provides access to all trains on Great Britain’s National Rail Network, this also includes access to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Express trains – the quickest way from London’s airports to central London.


Jul 6th
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Day 14 – How much can you pack into one day in London?

May 27, as I was commenting to a UK resident that there is just so much to do in London, he shared this great quote with me; ‘When you are tired of London then you are tired of life’ (Samuel Johnson).  So no matter if you have… more>

Day 13 – Chicago The Musical in London: Lights, Sparkles & Jazz

May 26, we boarded our last train ride of the trip from St. Ives to London, with a journey of approximately 5hr 30min.  The views were once again spectacular as we made our way back up along the coast, Plymouth being another beautiful town to stop over if… more>

Day 10 – Cardiff, Welsh Heritage and Foodie Haven

May 23, after enjoying an early morning swim in Park Plaza’s stainless steel pool and spa facilities, we felt energized and ready to spend our first full day in one place, Cardiff.  Departing from Cardiff Central’s train station are a number of buses, including service to nearby St… more>

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