Andrew’s Australian Rail Holiday – Travel Diary Part 2

Travel Diary Part 2: A journey on The Ghan

Day 3: First stop in Katherine

On my third day, I got up early and got picked up at my hotel by a bus en route to the station where I would board The Ghan. The bus driver,… more>

Andrew’s Australian Rail Holiday – Travel Diary Part 1

Travel Diary Part 1: Australia: Here I am

Day 1: Welcome to Sydney

As soon as I came out of the terminal, the first thing I saw was a “Welcome to Sydney” sign. It’s a little bit offsetting to go that far and think… more>

Andrew’s Australian Rail Holiday

12 days, 3 trains and one unforgettable trip to Australia.

Early this year, ACP Rail’s Andrew Hannan had the chance to fly halfway across the globe and try the much loved Australian trains, an experience, he says, that exceeded his wildest expectations.

“I’ve… more>

Ausrail Pass Coupon Code

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Here is some great news for the explorers among you! Save $25* when you purchase an Ausrail pass using the coupon code AUSRAIL25, valid until October 31, 2012 inclusively.

Australia is known for its unique rail system and train routes which span… more>

Sep 24th
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The trip was by far the BEST vacation I have ever been on. What an experience.

Australia Rail Holiday Sweepstakes winner shares her story

Some of you may remember when we ran our first big sweepstakes back in the summer of 2010.  Well the lucky winner, Ms. Jenine has since enjoyed her prize, which included 2 Ausrail Passes, airfare and spending… more>

Feb 7th
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All aboard! Taking the Sleeper Train from London to Glasgow

by Sharon Whitley Larsen

“Is this your first time on a sleeper train?” asked affable David, the ScotRail lounge car attendant, as he poured me a glass of wine, the lights of a small town passing fleetingly by in the dark window.

I assured him that I had… more>

Sep 2nd
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Wish you could extend summer?

Australia does just that

As most of us prepare for some cooler months to come, Australia is a great place to escape!  With their summer months around the corner, mainly from December to February, people flock to their many beautiful attractions to soak up the sun and enjoy… more>

Sep 2nd
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The Ghan

Journey through Australia’s Outback

Imagine stepping aboard one of the world’s great train journeys: The Ghan.  Traveling from Darwin to Adelaide (or vice versa), via Alice Springs you have the opportunity to see Australia’s tropical Top End and Red Centre, all with spectacular views of the passing landscapes… more>

Jun 9th
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Day 1 – British Airways Service to London, an Absolute Delight!

May 13, I boarded my British Airways flight to London and was spoiled from take off until landing thanks to their Club World class. After finding my sleeper seat, I was offered champagne and given a menu for a three course dinner…a surprise for a 10pm… more>

Winner of ACP Rail’s Train Travel Photo Contest

And some of our favorite runner-ups


After running a train travel photo contest, we are happy to announce that Alyx Takla won with his stunning picture of the Outback Aurora in Australia, and he can now enjoy his prize of two First Class Eurail Global Passes.  Congratulations… more>

Mar 31st
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