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with these 4 popular sightseeing journeys

Switzerland and its succession of shining alpine peaks, rolling hills and sparkling lakes are part of an admirable country to discover. There’s no better way to experience the unspoiled landscapes. Travel to Switzerland with a Swiss Pass and get a chance to experience some of Switzerland’s most popular sightseeing rail journeys including the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express, The Golden Pass Line and the Wilhelm Tell Tour.

The Glacier Express 
Route: Zermatt – Visp – Brig – Andermatt – Chur – Davos/St.Moritz (click to see the map)
Travel time:
approximately 8 hours
The Glacier Express, one of the most famous railway lines in the world, is an enchanting journey through mountain streams, snow-capped Alps, picturesque villages, deep gorges and eroding cliff faces. The panoramic carriages have large windows, perfect for sightseeing and allowing you to enjoy the various landscapes. Also known as “the world’s slowest express train”, the Glacier Express offers an awe-inspiring ride that takes you from the depths of the Rhine Gorge to the Oberalp Pass, 2033 meters above ground, as it connects the mountain resorts in Davos and St. Moritz with the ones in Zermatt.
**Reservation supplement is required.

The Bernina Express
Chur/Davos/St.Moritz – Poschlavo – Tirano – Lugano (click to see the map)
Travel time:
approximately 2 ½ hours from St. Moritz to Tirano, approximately 4 hours from Chur/Davos to Tirano, approximately 3 hours from Tirano to Lugano
The spectacular Bernina Express gives you a unique take on Switzerland and Italy. Start your journey in St. Moritz, Davos or Chur and within a few hours, you will have traveled from a landscape of glaciers to that of palm trees as you cross the border to reach Tirano in Italy. Also, the impressive circular viaduct of Brusio will leave you breathless while the Bernina Express climbs the imposing structure. In the summer months, you can complete the journey back to Switzerland by taking the Bernina Express Bus out of Tirano along Lake Como and into Lugano.
**Reservation supplement is required.

Wilhelm Tell Tour
Lucerne – Lake Lucerne – Flüelen – St. Gotthard – Bellinzona – Locarno/Lugano (click to see the map)
Travel time: approximately 5 hours
The Wilhelm Tell Express connects Lucerne in central Switzerland with Locarno or Lugano in the south through a journey that includes both a ferry trip and a train ride. The hardest part may be to choose which segment of the journey you enjoyed the most between the charming cruise across Lake Lucerne on a historic paddle steamer or the panoramic train ride through the scenic Reuss Valley, along the Gotthard rail route, and into the picturesque countryside of Ticino.
**Reservation is recommended. Travel on the Wilhelm Tell Express (boat and train) requires a First Class pass or ticket, standard Class passholder may purchase an upgrade.

Golden Pass Line
Lucerne – Interlaken – Zweisimmen – Montreux (click to see the map)
Travel time:
approximately 2 hours from Montreux to Zweisimmen, approximately 1 hour from Zweisimmen to Interlaken Ost, approximately 2 hours from Interlaken Ost to Lucerne
The Golden Pass Line takes you through six cantons of Switzerland. Travel in either direction between Montreux and Lucerne on three panoramic trains filled with scenic highlights. From Lake Geneva near Montreux, travel through the heartland of Switzerland, pass by verdant vineyards, running waterfalls and snowy mountain summits including the famous peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
**Reservation is recommended.

To enjoy these scenic routes:

European Residents can get a Swiss Pass, access these four routes and purchase reservations for the routes locally. The Swiss Pass offers unlimited travel to the entire Swiss Travel System which includes trains, buses & boats, as well as, free access to public transport in 75 towns and cities.

For travelers who are not European residents, you can also travel on these scenic routes with one of the following Eurail Passes valid in Switzerland :

Eurail Global Pass
Eurail Select Pass
Eurail Germany – Switzerland Pass
Eurail France – Switzerland Pass
Eurail Austria – Switzerland Pass

These Eurail Passes are valid on the entire journey  for the Bernina Express and the Golden Pass Line.
Eurail Passes are also valid on the Glacier Express between St.Moritz and Disentis, with passholders being entitled to up to 25% discount on the additional ticket for travel between Disentis and Zermatt.
Finally, Eurail passholders are required to pay a surcharge to board the Wilhelm Tell Express.



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